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    Gerry Wong, M.Ed., established her business, College Edge in 1999. Her business has sustained itself solely on client referrals. Gerry’s passion is to help students change the world by realizing their goals, dreams, and aspirations. Gerry has over 30 years in the professional education field in the Central Valley, California; with 30 years in teaching, three years as a school counselor, over 18 years as an External Admission Evaluator at UC Berkeley, and over 25 years as an independent educational consultant. She enjoys working with students from all backgrounds, volunteering, and spending time traveling with her family. Gerry also enjoys touring colleges - visiting over 10 colleges and universities each year. She continues her professional development through active participation in international, national, state, and regional college conferences - keeping abreast of changes and trends in higher education. She has been a subject matter expert presenter at national conferences.



    Gerry has a Master's Degree in Education and is an active member of the Western Association for College Admission Counseling (WACAC) and Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA - founding member).



    • High school guidance and the admission application process for undergraduate, transfers, and graduate levels.
    • Combined Medical Programs – High School student “Fast Track”.
    • Dental, Law, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Veterinarian admission.
    • NCAA – athletic counseling.

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        Why College Edge


        Gerry Wong is the president and founder of College Edge, a comprehensive educational consultant service, located in Fresno, California. Gerry has over 25 years of experience in guiding students and families through the college admission process. She offers a personal comprehensive approach to college advising and enjoys working with students and families from a variety of backgrounds throughout the United States and abroad. Gerry uses a confidential and professional approach that is personal and unique to each student.


        Gerry attends conferences, workshops, and college tours annually to stay current of educational changes. College Edge does not subcontract its services to third parties. Each student is provided one-on-one assistance.


        Let College Edge Discover Your “X” Factor



        Some Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Educational Consultant

        • What are the consultant's professional experience, certifications, and credentials?
        • How often does the consultant visit colleges?  Which ones?
        • Do they attend professional directed conferences, workshops, and college counseling institutes?
        • What professional related organizations are they a member of as an Independent Educational Consultant?



      • Combined Medical Programs

        Fast Track - High School Seniors 

        Are you a high school student with a passion for medicine? If so, you may want to consider a combined BA,BS/MD or BA,BS/DO program. These unique programs allow a high school senior to take advantage of an alternative medical school admission route. The traditional admission route to medical school consists of four years at an undergraduate institution, taking the MCAT, completing medical school applications and interviews, and finally acceptance to medical school. The combined medical program allows a high school senior student to apply to medical school with a conditional acceptance offering to both undergraduate and medical school. Conditional acceptance is not guarantee acceptance, but certain requirements must be met in the undergraduate years to retain the medical school offer. For example, students are required to maintain a certain GPA level and score a certain percentile on the MCAT. However, some medical schools have no MCAT requirement. There are a number of different types of combined programs that are available to high school and college students. College Edge has over 25 years of experience and knowledge in working with medical bound students.



        Give Us a Call for more information to achieve your Dream through College Edge!



        Combined Medical Programs Clients Applied and Admitted

        Boston University

        California North State

        Case Western Reserve University

        Drexel University

        Gannon University - LECOM

        Lehigh University

        LMU - LECOM

        Pitzer College

        Rensselaer Polytechnic University

        Rutgers University

        Saint Bonaventure University

        Siena College

        Union College

        University of Cincinnati

        University of Merced - SJV PRIME+

        University of Missouri, Kansas City

        University of Washington, Saint Louis

        Virginia Commonwealth University

        Wayne State University

      • Services

        Service begins with a comprehensive discussion with the student and parent(s). During this meeting several criteria will be reviewed, such as academic transcript, test scores, writing sample, extracurricular activities, special talent(s), and more individual circumstances. With a holistic picture of the student and goals, College Edge will develop a personalized enhancement plan to help your student navigate the college admission process. Using a team approach with the student, family support, and College Edge gives a positive and successful experience.


        Service offered through the admission process include, but are not limited to:

        • Develop an attainable strategic plan for college and/or university aspirations.
        • Assist in high school course planning, selection of extracurricular activities, and advice regarding standardized testing.
        • Explore variety of educational options - encourage a range of college and university selections.
        • Discuss the best course selections based on college/career goals.
        • Advise and assist students with college applications, personal statements, essay, resume, interview preparation, options, and class planning.
        • Assistance for students with special needs, such as NCAA eligibility, transfer options, and graduate programs.
        • Provide information on summer programs.
        • Assist in appeals process as needed.
        Services are tailored and personalized to each individual's profile; this may include a combination of face to face meeting, phone, and/or online video chat communication (Skype, Face-Time, Zoom, etc.) Additional personal services are available on request.
        Type of Students Served
        • Middle school students
        • High school students
        • First generation students
        • Transfer students
        • Special Education/ADD students
        • Student athletes
        • Graduate students
        • Fine/Performing Arts students
        • International students

      • College Edge Clients Applied and Admitted:

        Air Force Academy

        All University of California Schools

        Annapolis Naval Academy

        Auburn University

        Baylor College

        Boston College

        Bowdoin College

        Brown University

        BS/MD, BS/DO, BS/DMD, BS/DVM programs

        California Institute of Technology

        Carnegie Mellon University

        Claremont McKenna College

        Clemson University

        Colorado College

        Columbia University

        Cornell University

        Dartmouth University

        Drexel University

        Duke University

        Fordham University

        Georgetown University

        Harvard University

        Harvey Mudd College

        Johns Hopkins University

        Lafayette College

        Loyola Marymount University (LA, CHI)

        Massachusetts Institute of Technology

        Montana State University

        Northwestern University


        Oberlin College

        Occidental College

        Princeton University

        Reed College

        Rice University

        Santa Clara University

        Southern Methodist University

        Stanford University

        Texas Christian University

        Tufts College

        Tulane University

        University of Arizona

        University of California, Berkeley (M.E.T)

        University of Chicago

        University of Illinois

        University of Miami

        University of Michigan

        University of Montana

        University of Notre Dame

        University of Oregon

        University of Pennsylvania

        University of Southern California

        University of Washington

        University of Washington, St Louis

        Vanderbilt University

        Virginia Commonwealth University

        Virginia Tech

        West Point

        Yale University


      • Testimonials


        "Gerry has an amazing ability to understand her students, or client's personalities and empathize with them. As a college counselor, she was able to use her emotional intelligence to help me navigate through my interests, passions, and skills and use this growth and reflection to my advantage in my college application essays. Gerry was able to push me to aim high in the application process, which opened up opportunities I wasn't even aware of before meeting her. Gerry's services helped me get into UC Berkeley, my first choice university."

        FS - University of California, Berkeley


        "Mrs. Wong was very flexible and easy to work with. She gave very helpful suggestions and was knowledgeable about the application process. Lastly, she encouraged me to reach high for my top choices."

        LN - Cornell University


        "Gerry was an excellent resource when applying to Law Schools. I was not sure where to begin when starting my process, but she helped me narrow down my options and kept me on track throughout. She was always available to answer my questions with knowledgeable answers despite my unknown schedule with a full time job. She pushed me to dig deeper in my personal statements and helped tailor my essays to what the admission's committee was looking for. I could have not completed the process without her!"

        CK - Boston University - School of Law


        "College Edge was very beneficial in helping me organize and prioritize my achievements, activities, and academics in a ways that would have eluded me if I had gone through the process myself. Gerry's experience was extremely helpful to me in editing my essays and giving me a better idea of what colleges were looking for, allowing me to strengthen my applications. Using College Edge played a very important role in setting me in the right direction, helping me navigate the tiresome and grueling process that is applying to college."

        AK - Yale University


        "Gerry was key to my success in applying to law schools and receiving admission to my top choices. She was able to help me with my personal statements, supplemental essays, and even prepare for interviews. My application was strengthened by Gerry's abilities to highlight aspects of my educational career that admissions committees were specifically looking for. She was always able to accommodate with my schedule for meetings and responded promptly any questions I had. Gerry truly helped my application reach its full potential."

        SS - (Scholarship Recipient - USC-Gould School of Law, Pepperdine - Caruso School of Law)


        "Gerry has helped me so much with my college applications, which has led to my acceptances into Cal Poly SLO, UC Berkeley, USC, San Diego State, Woodbury, University of Oregon, and Cal Poly Pomona. I'm officially committing to Cal Poly SLO's architecture program, and I truly can't thank her enough for all of her useful advice."

        AB - Cal Poly SLO (Architecture)


        "Last fall, I went to Gerry for assistance with my personal statement for law school applications. Gerry helped guide me in the direction I wanted to take my essay and her open ended questions helped me brainstorm what to write about. In addition to helping me with my personal statement, Gerry answered any questions I had regarding the law school application process, making the process far less stressful for me. I would strongly recommend Gerry's services for grad school and undergraduate college aplications."

        OB - NYU - School of Law School


        "Gerry has a knack for identifying the strengths in each of her students, recognizing parts of them as an applicant or person that would otherwise go unnoticed or unwritten. She is able to take bits of knowledge in a short amount of time and effectively present traits of an applicant towards a college essay and application. Gerry played a crucial role in helping me discover my voice through writing. Gerry knows what colleges are looking for, but better yet she knows what you should be looking for in yoursef; enabling her student to personalize their applications, like she did mine. Without Gerry, I would have settled for less than I achieved. Thanks to her help, mentorship, and guidance, I was accepted to multiple schools I only ever dreamed of. I was accepted into Cornell, Columbia, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, and University of Pen. I will be attending Yale in the Fall."

        AM - Yale University


        "Gerry has been extremely valuable in my education journey. She has followed me from high school to grad school, helping me achieve admissions at schools like USC, Cal Poly, SDSU, and many more. Gerry continuously pushed me to achieve my goals, and offered appreciated advice for my professional goals. Thanks to Gerry's help I was able to attend my dream school, USC (Fight On!), for undergrad. Further, thanks to her help during the law school application process, I am now choosing between multiple top law schools for this coming Fall. I was accepted to UCI, Fordham, ASU, Pepperdine, and U San Diego law schools."

        RD - Law School



        "Gerry helped our first child with her college application process and now we are using her help again for our son's application. The college application process can be overwhelming and intimidating. Gerry guides you through all the applications and essays and helps you stay on schedule. Her extensive experience helping students and constant communication with college representatives helps her understand what colleges are looking for. She helps prioritize all the academic/athletic/co-curricular achievements to feature the student in the best light. She also helps with the important personal essays by providing constructive feedback and asking probing questions so that the student creates his best unique personal essay. We are so glad we worked with her!"

        Parent - Fresno, CA


        "To all parents and families that seek a wonderful education for their child, I would urge you to put your precious efforts with Gerry. Gerry is an extremely professional person in working with you to seek the desire that your are seeking for your child. For many years, Gerry has remained in the look of how your child can b e propelled to their desired educational placement. In addition, Gerry is extremely compassionate about your child's success and making sure that her commitment to you is extremely confidential and comfortable for you as well. Gerry's wealth of knowledge is worth your investment. She works extremely hard with maintaining ethical standards at all times."

        Parent - Pasadena, CA


        "Gerry Wong of College Edge was referred to me through a friend. Her experience and expertise were pivotal in helping my son with the lengthy application process. She helped in arranging his successes and skills to appeal to college admission panels. My son applied to about 20 schools and was accepted at 15 of them., multiple Ivy League institutions included. We are in different parts of the country, but Gerry utilized Face Time and Google docs to connect with my son and made the process as easy as possible. His final choice became Yale University and we couldn't be more proud and excited for him!"

        Parent - Chicago, IL


        "One of the best decisions I ever made was hiring Gerry! I knew the moment Gerry started speaking with my daughter and asking her pointed questions about everything that we were in the right place. The time she spent getting to know my daughter made all the difference. Gerry is incredibly knowledgeable about every school and took the time to listen and then helped guide her in making great choices. The best thing I did was step back and let them do the work. Gerry does all the hard work, alleviating me from nagging my child, so you actually end this very challenging experience still having a good relationship with your kid! Gerry sees the entire picture with a school , helps them write very good essays, keeps them on track for deadlines, and helped with scholarship essays too. She made my life so much easier and my daughter is now a thriving freshman loving the University of Oregon ( a school I had never even considered!)."

        Parent - Fresno, CA


        "Thank you again! I have given your number out to some of my friends as well. Your business is so much appreciated and a 5 star!

        Parent - Fresno, CA